Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye 2011... hello 2012

in less than two hour's 2011 will end and hello 2012 na.

2011 has been a very good year for me, career wise that is.

love life? not really but it's my choice. Naging mabuti akong boyfriend
... friend...kabit... whore... and more hehe... meron akong mga nasaktan na tao
pero ofcourse meron din naman nanakit saken :-( I had some excess baggage from 2010 na nadala ko hangang 2011, kaya siguro ganun. Right now im single. Am I happy? I guess I am.
Im single pero I have a few special people around that makes everything alright for the mean time.
Im not ready to commit pa rin naman so masaya ako sa status ko now.
I hope come 2012 mag mature ako and hopefully meet the right person who would understand
me, respect my beliefs and accept me for who I am. It's not easy being me hehe...
I say thank you to all the people who became a big part of my year of the rabbit.

Family? nothin's change.

Friend's? Mahal ko kayong lahat bow! :-)

So pano, hopefully 2012 will be a better year for you Monch. cheers! Happy new year.
..and sabi ng feng shui ...

The boar person will immediately benefit from cosmic blessing,
giving you a good start in the year 2012. Success and good fortune luck is very high.

You will gain recognition and attain new heights. It's a year when you can be as ambitious as you wish in your career and business undertakings as success luck
and new opportunities are present in your chart - this is because you are sitting
on the Star of Heavenly Seal.

However, you energy level is not strong so take things steady and pace yourself well.
This is an excellent year for you to practise spirituality to enhance your inner chi,
crucial for your success this year. Hardwork is required this year but be careful not
to overwork yourself and succumb to sickness as the illness star is in your home location.
2012 is also not a good year to rely on your instincts but your brains.

The year 2012 is very promising for the Boars indeed as long as you can withstand
the affliction in your chart. With these negative feng shui winds,
you may find it difficult to grab hold of much goodies in your bag and this can be very frustrating.
It's important to make sure these inauspicious Feng Shui winds are taken care of in order to harness
your luck potential to its fullest. It's forecasted that sickness, deception,
robbery and injury are present in your chart.

It's important that you stay confident and persistent in order to be successful in your career.
Have a clear goal and you will achieve it.

Your zodiac allies are the Rabbit and Sheep while your horoscope secret friend is Tiger. Your horoscope allies are friends whom you are connected and enjoy their company. A secret friend is someone you can always depend on, and will stand by you during tough times.

happy new year...

new years resolution:

payoff my credit card ... hehe
more workout
start running
more friends!!!

very easy & simple new years resolution!